Friday, 8 October 2010

An aboriginal art exhibition; latest works by Barbara Weir

Mbantua Gallery have an art exhibition running from today until Thursday 4th November, of works by a prestigious aboriginal artist named Barbara Weir. The Grass Seed paintings represent a grass called Lyaw in Barbara's native language and she's experimented with some gorgeous subtle hues to depict this. This painting below is a mixture of burnt umber, australian ghost gum and antique white and I've fallen in love with it! Fortunately there are a few new paintings in this colour scheme!

Below are some of the paintings in the exhibition or there is a video of the artworks on youtube. Although you can read more about Barbara Weir on Mbantua's website, in brief Barbara was part of the stolen generation - taken from her mother Minnie Pwerle when she was nine. She's had an incredible life of struggle and fortune, of juggling her career while raising a large family as a single mother, and of fusing different cultures together. There is so much more one could say about her, but for now I'll leave you with these pics from the exhibition. I definitely love looking at the brown hues in the bottom row - they're actually very unique to see  in her work. What do you think?


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