Monday, 9 August 2010

Aboriginal Art "Open House" in Melbourne this week

Mbantua Gallery's GM, Tim Jennings, will have an "open house" this Wednesday and Thursday between 6pm and 9pm at the Milano Serviced Apartments at 8 Franklin Street in the city. He has selected a very nice range of mostly bright and beautiful paintings to bring from Mbantua Gallery in Alice Springs and hopefully they will help out against the Melbourne winter!!

If you've never had an appointment with us on our trips before, I think this is a great opportunity to shed the anxieties and see what its all about! 6pm - 9pm is a great time if you're just finishing work in the CBD too; you can just go on up and have a look at the Aboriginal art works, ask questions, buy some art or get to know us. Knowing my dad, he'll have some nice wine on hand too! He's exceptionally knowledgeable on the aboriginal art and the Utopia artists, and for over 20 years he has grown Mbantua Gallery into an amazing (if I say so) culturally enriched Aboriginal Art gallery from its small general store origins.

If you are thinking of coming along, just give Tim a ring on 0417 809373 or email us so we can give him an indication and he can get back to you with his Apartment number.

Above: This is a pic of our last set up in Melbourne when we showcased Jeannie Mills, Gloria Petyarre and Lena Pwerle. As you can see, you can just relax and flick through paintings or have them held up for you against the living room walls - great way to envisage them in a home environment!


John Alex said...

Gloria Petyarre is a well established and well known artist whose paintings have been widely exhibited around Australia and all over the world. This artist is extensively documented with Gloria Petyarre’s work featured on the cover of Michael Bolton’s ‘The Art Of Utopia” and in 1999, Gloria won the coveted Wynne prize.
Gloria’s work is represented in the collections of The National Gallery of Australia.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

So beautiful...there's one on the top similar to mine by Jeannie Mills. I just LOVE her work. :)

Does she have any young children?

My company makes art for kids as well... Maybe she'd like one as a gift from me.

Dale said...

Hi Jen, thanks for the reply. Great to 'meet' you too. Jeannie never married or had kids but she is what we call a 'boss woman' in her community and there are many kids there who I know would love to see your art. I think she would be thrilled at you sending her one! They don't get too much mail.

If you do, you can send it to our gallery's address and when we go to Utopia we can give it to her. I will take a photo of her with it for you too.

I love it when I can give them a picture of where people put their artworks that they buy too!